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These are the qualities we saw in Ms. Ann Noguchi as our Realtor: RESPONSIBLE - Ann was very diligent in her responsibilities as our agent so there was never a need to question the reasons for following any of her recommendations. EFFICIENT - Ann's breathe of knowledge and experience seemed to make this experience of selling our home go so smoothly. She guided us through all of the necessary steps of the transaction and possible pitfalls to be avoided. APPROACCHABLE - Ann never made us feel there was a "dumb" question; she was able to address all of our concerns in a very professional manner. LOYAL - There was never a question of Ann's loyalty to us as her clients, always having our best interest in mind when making her recommendations. TRUSTWORTHY - Ann always did what she said she would, never needed an excuse. ORGANIZED - Impeccable organized in her sales process, from the preparation of the contract documents and the "Look Book", the open house set up, negotiations with the buyers, down to preparing the house for the final walk-though and closing. RESPONSIVE - Ann was always available and responded immediately to questions we had during the entire transaction.