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Meet Ann

Client Focus
Ann gives each client personalized service, and loves making clients feel as though they are the most important part of her day.

Ann Noguchi: Kindness & Community

There's something about small towns that impart lessons about life that can't be learned anywhere else. For Ann Noguchi, growing up in rural Paia, Maui, brought home the importance of community and connecting with people in closer, more meaningful ways. In a town with only a post office and a few quaint stores, neighbors came to know and rely on one another, and were always ready with a kind word and a warm smile. It's these small-town lessons in kindness and community that form Ann's approach to life.

Kindness That Shows Through

Ann's philosophy is evident even before you actually meet her face to face. From just a mere phone conversation, you can almost see her radiant smile and hear the sincerity in her voice. She's truly interested in what you have to say. It's her way of relating to people that transcends mere acquaintanceship—even with something as simple as a phone call—that speaks volumes about the way she lives life.

Small Town Values

Along with the small-town upbringing that contributed greatly to her outlook on life, Ann also credits her parents with instilling in her a strong work ethic, deeply rooted family and religious values and the importance of treating people according to the Golden Rule. It's her reliance on these lessons that brought Ann success, not only in college, but also as a business woman for a Hawaii telecommunications company, where her talent for building client rapport and trust led to greater levels of achievement.

The Personal Touch

Ann believes that kindness and a smile go a long way. For her, it all goes back to treating people as she would like to be treated. Consequently, she gives each client the personalized attention she would want for herself. Whether she's carefully explaining housing options to seniors who are downsizing or helping families weigh the pros and cons of a particular home, Ann's infectious charm and genuine desire to help others make her stand out as one of the premier real estate agents on Oahu.

One of a Kind

Ann's philosophy of giving personal service every time is evident in the care she takes with each client she does business with. She believes trust is paramount when it comes to guiding her clients toward their real estate goals. As such, she takes the time to find out what's truly important to you so she can exactly meet your needs. With more than fifteen years of experience as a real estate agent on Oahu, Ann knows the market well and takes extra care to find just the right buyer for your home. Her dedication to meeting her clients’every need is what drives her to always go the extra mile. Not only has she achieved various professional designations, marking her as an expert in her field, but she's also up-to-date on the latest technology, giving her more avenues to offer superior service. When it comes to the personal touch, Ann believes in cutting no corners.

When you're ready to buy or sell on Oahu, give Ann Noguchi a call. As a Realtor® who takes A Personalized Approach when it comes to helping her clients meet their important real estate goals, Ann treats each client as one-of-a-kind, going out of her way to make your decision a success.